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L'Italia delle cose buone!
Italia a tavola is your partner in the field of Italian cuisine.
For your establishment and investments, is the best guide to food products and our traditions of cookery. 
The company "Italia a Tavola" works in the field of TRADITIONAL GASTRONOMIA and ITALIAN QUALITY (gastronomical "Made in Italy")/ We have united the food products with the professionalism (of chefs, sommeliers, image makers, architects, designers, e-food specialists) and also with the School of Italian Cuisine. All our activity is faced towards presenting the world pure italian goods, people and projects.
Italia A Tavola è:
In the chapter PRODUCTS – RECIPES – we offer the catalogue of traditional high-quality food products gathered under one brand with the wide variety of recipes.
In the chapter PROJECTS – if you work in this area (as victualler, chef or distributor) we offer you to estimate our commercial project having familiarized with our business offers.

Scope of activity:
the development of the projects connected the cookery art ( if you wish to create the place according to italian spirit and tradition, we can help you considerably starting with design, products provision and teaching of your cooks and sommeliers till the rendering them from our side;

lgranting of the certificate of conformance and authenticity of your place and cuisine, issued by "Italia a tavola" with the support of italian organizations;
the promotion of the italian cookery traditions with the help of organizing special courses of italian cuisine that we will be pleased to hold together with italian chefs and other professionals in this area.
Please mind that it goes free of charge!
"Italia a tavola" – is your best partner in obtaining such advantages as original and true italian tradition, sufficient progress (commercial policy faces the observance of client's interests), estimation and profitability of the activity we may willingly fulfill in order to meet your needs. Please familiarize yourself with our proposals (for this visit out site-catalogue) and contact us.
Italia a Tavola
 Who we are
Project "Italia a tavola"

Certification of your local
 Maitre Sommelier
Ingenuity in the kitchen

Formation of the cuisine
 Parmesan Cheese
Parmesan Cheese is a classical and elite Italian cheese, universally recognized and beloved…
Belongs to Modena's vineyards for centuries and forms an integral part of its beautiful landscapes..
The list of recipes Italia a tavola
Abundant and full archive of italian traditional regional cuisine.
Find and get acknowledged with the needed recipe of appetizer, first and second dish, garnish or dessert.
Gastronomical peculiar properties: parmesan, prosciutto, balsamic vinegar, followed by exquisite wines ..
One of the important tasks of our crew is to assist the estimation of the client's floor space (whether it is a shop, supermarket, large distribution chain, cinema or restaurant) in order to create ideally organized zone of italian gastronomy. Read about our projects.
 Product as an exposition

We offer you the furniture, show cases and corners.

The product as an entertainment

We may offer you the foundation of piadineria, ice-cream cafe, italian bar, wine bar, spiedineria or any other entertaining place.

 The quality and tradition of the product

We offer you the most luxurious italian osterias and high-class restaurants.
And let always remember about the most important tips, that are an integral part of solving of falsificated italian place problem. For detailed information return to the topic "School of Cookery Art", clicking "False".

The Certificate of the School of cookery art will be the symbol of our recognition that will testify that your cooks had been trained both in the area of administration, and the organization planning as well as the ability to teach italian cookery art.
The School of Cookery Art
The opening of the school of italian cuisine abroad and the training of the basics of italian cookery taught by Italian chefs goes conjointly with the organization of special gastronomic evenings and arrangements.

LThe acquisition of the art of cookery we offer you proposes….
Cooks Sommelier
Italia a tavola can help you in finding cooks, sommeliers and headwaiters, that had undertaken the course in the cookery art school and possess work experience in italian restaurants.
Cooks and Sommeliers

The mark «Made in Italy» is considered to be a synonym for quality of goods, processes and projects

For the further promotion of the originality and tradition of the foodstuff, as well as your institution and your project, ITALIA A TAVOLA enables you to get a certification.

Interested in our Certification?



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