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  Italia a Tavola
Italia a Tavola

Who are we?

Our company was created to apply the innovations in the commercialization of traditional italian gastronomy (prosciutto, parmesan, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, macaroni, seasonings, sauses and desserts, as well as a great variety of wines). We aim to enter the world market to make the brand "MADE IN ITALY" in the field of gastronomy popular outside Italy following the conception of more appreciable presence amid the operators of this sector.
The conception of our company is – "the product remains a product until it becomes the policy of selling".

Yet how can such policy be carried out?
Our organization enters the market with the motto "prodotti & more" ("products & more than that") and promotes by following several commercial strategies, implementing the innovative approach and new commercial philosophy.

SWITCH – is:
  1. The activation of electronic commercialization service faces "business to business" operations that group the top-quality gastronomical products, the most famous and prestige producers, whose list is constantly increasing and represents the best traditions of italian gastronomy;
  2. The promotion of the gastronomical tradition is realized with the help of the brand "ITALIA A TAVOLA", the wide variety of recipes granted by the Chef Sergio Sernesi, the Vice President of "ITALIA A TAVOLA" Association and a co-author of this project, together with the other co-founders, experts in the field of economics and e-food (electronic commercialization of foodstuff), and also with assistance of the prestige wine and gastronomy producers. The experience Chef Sergio Sernesi gained within these years he spent holding numerous gastronomical arrangements and evenings, organized abroad by public institutions and certified organizations favoured the idea of creation of the trully wholesome consumer iniciative;
  3. Enlisting the support of italian chefs and the search of the commercial collaboration with them is pointed to amplify and aim the advertising campaign in the direction of well-organized and controlled process;
  4. The establishment of the school of italian cuisine beyond the borders of Italy is directed to promotion of "Italia a tavola" and realization of the gastronomical evenings and arrangements in collaboration with italian chefs for the public institutions, as well as for the private and public persons;
  5. Designing, realization and sale of the gastronomical projects: showcases, corners, traditional turnkey establishments, sustained in the true italian style, supplied with the know-how equipment and furniture, with an option of launching the work together with Italian staff, cooks and ommelliers, granted on the terms of franchising from "ITALIA A TAVOLA" that for its part provides the informational support that enables to trasmitl the true italian gastronomical tradition and create the real italian atmosphere.
The shelves filled with traditional italian products, show-corners for the arrangement of shops, restaurants, hotels, airoports or easels... All these options offered by our company open serious commercial opportunities in front of you , while you will be provided with all necessary and sufficient furniture, products and brands, as well as attractive showwindows that will also favour the image of your company, and certainly a comprehensive professional on-line support that will advantage the opinion about your proffesionalism and help to gain popularity among your clients.

Starting with pizzeria, piadinerie, the taste of entertainings and italian sea, breakfast bars that specialize in cappucino, coffee and italian chocolate, wholesome food osetria that represent perhaps simple but though distinctive image of the italian gastronomy, ending with the wine bar specializing at pretentious gastronomical tradition where the delicasy of a dish goes well with the highest quality of the product.

This is an important project that due to envolvment of famous chefs, architects and designers enables us to realize and control the start of work, maintain the support providing our clients with an access to our Internet-site, product catalogues, recepies and also the possibility of attaining our art of cookery schools for raising the level of staff's skill, for permanent and specialised probation period under the direction of italian chefs.

Undoubtedly our main purpose is help you to achieve the highest success in running your business, taking proper account to features of your activity.


The concept of work lies in the creation of something that must necessarily exist at every time you would like to buy a product, project or service from the foreign state.
We do not consider that the tradition and originality can exist without such components as traditional food, interior, that reconstitutes Italy, without chef and original recipes, without all this, that forms the single whole commercial strategy and philosophy… And we really believe that you will be able to appreciate it utterly only if you have a chance to read it all in your mother tongue, only if your cook or sommellier had untertaken the course of real italian cusine,....and then you will indeed get the fullest advantave of our products and surely find them as a fine present for Christmas or any other important event...

As we see it, the system approach lies in attracting various different prestige companies that can become your suppliers of high-class chefs, architects, e-food specialists to develop different ideas and creating of commercial opporunities of achievement of the absolute quality and importance. Such reality will become your reality.

All the information about us you may find at our web-site, that has been specially created for our clients where we tried to create the atmosphere of contacts and interchange that would enable the cultural exchange for the further promotion of the gastronomical traditions of our region, Italy and its gastronomical tourism.

Contact us, we work through our distributors.

Would you like to become our distributor??

We are interested in finding distributors in the regions we still don't have the representatives.

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