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  Italia a Tavola
Italia a Tavola
Projects of gastronomia
Here we are – the most creativa and alternative team!

The functions of our team lie in rendering all possible assistance to our clients in estimating availiable floor space (whether it is a shop, supermarket, large distribution chain, cinema or restaurant) in order to create ideally organized zone of italian gastronomy.

The formula chosen by our company provides all combination of services in business consulting, the provision of architectural setting decisions of bars, traditional or gastronomical establishments in the popular entertaining places, of wine bars, provision of top-class design, interpreted with italian originality.

For instance, setting of the counter or exhibition corners.

We enlist the services of architectures and designers that can help you to draw up and carry out the projects of the opening of gastronomical establishment under franchising scheme. We offer you a range of both simple projection services, as well as projection together with realization, the rendering of assistance of our highly qualified chef and personnel at the beginning of the work.

In such way we place the product in the middle and add the garnish… certainly with the assistance of "ITALIA A TAVOLA".

For the sake of simplicity we used several non-working subjects, different gastronomical situations, commonly observed in Italy in the places of leisure and entertainment where formality and elegance are not of the minor importance, as in the other situations where wine or light snacks play the dominant role, etc.

Do you remember that " a product is not just a product if it becomes the policy of selling"? It would be falsely to state: "I'd like to open an italian place…", but who are you, what kind of placement do you have, what client do you head for, ect. Thus it is essential to separate the product and the selling policy. Namely "ITALIA A TAVOLA" will help you at this point, giving the right advice, creating the originality, unique italian traditional nature, providing with all technical aspects, till the delivery of products directly from italian producers.

The patterns of the equipment and articles of furniture displayed on our site form only a part of all our offers that represent one of our main goals, that in its global strategy is formulated as "from the producer to consumer" with the maintenance of high quality (product-design-project-placing) at unit rate.

The purposes of our formats are quite versatile. We offer you to use the advantages of our ideas, but would like to pay your attention to their "non-obligate" character – we are always at your disposal and our technical department is anytime willing to help you in realization the chosen interior, antique or modern, ect. While the image is not the top-priority issue for us, the things that really value are the philosophy and possibilities we provide, that are however "non-obligate" but at the same time integral. These elements are: service, italian originality, design, technical components, but, first of all, products and personnel.
Our proposals:
  Product as an exposition
- Furniture
- Exhibition corner
- Show windows
  The product as an entertainment
- Piadinerie
- Ice-cream cafe
- Italian bar
- Wine bar
- Spiedineria
- Dynamic restaurant
  The quality and tradition of the product
- Osterias
- For those who wish to create a high-class restaurants

We should not also forget about such an important and integral thing, as a solving of falsificated italian-style place problem. For detailed information return to the topic "School of Cookery Art", clicking "False".

In order to avoid such kind of risk, we print about the opening of any newly opened by us place, confirming its accordance and originality with the means of "Italia a tavola".

The evidence of our recognition will also be expressed in issuing the Certificate of the School of cookery art that will testify that your cooks had been trained both in the area of administration, and the organization planning as well as the ability to teach italian cookery art.
Annually our commission will visit you with the purpose to estimate your work and the gastronomical quality for the further acknowledgement from the side of the School that will constantly keep you informed about any specialized and training courses via Internet.

Please remember this proposal and imagine that with our help you may not only realize your individual decisions but also save money and only benefit yourself. After the discussion of the style of your place we will undertake its realization and apart from this with our help you will be always offered various other services.

In collaboration with Arredofrigo our partner in the project
Projects description
  Canalgrande Str n. 17
  41100 Modena (Mo)
  Dott. Enrico Malagoli
  Ph. 0039 / 059 / 214 513
  Fax 0039/ 059 /218 765


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