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  Italia a Tavola
Italia a Tavola
Product as an Exposition
As you have already understood, we offer you the possibility to make the "minimum" investments in the organization of your floor space according to italian tradition and originality.
The products, picked up by our chefs, form the right selection for the maintenance of the original spirit of italian cuisine.
The furniture = code name MADIA «MODENA»

Madia (the counter) is ancient furniture typical for any classical italian house as the most common place for placing gastronomy products for italian restaurants and osetrias.

We offer you the counters of two seizes (small or big), as well as one containing the refrigerator in the lower part, for storing of prosciutto, salami, parmesan and wine.

The counter complement under our brand "Italia a tavola" will enable you and your clients to buy the proposed products (including the most important products of italian cuisine).

Moreover, visiting our site, you may find all necessary technical and nutrition characteristics of the products, obtain the requested recipes for each of these products and also get a possibility to organize a gastronomical activity in collaboration with our cook, certainly providing all these services at your mother tongue.

Exhibition corner = code name L’ANGOL “CASTELVETRO”

Exhibition corner performs the same function as the counter.

This is the exposition of food and wine look the chapter PRODUCTS
(We remind you that for the obtaining of the products you are not obliged to make a purchase only through this site, but you can contact us directly and we will inform you about our operator in Kiev).

The counter also needs creating a certain attractive image, appearance and professionalism.

The showcase = code name La VEDREINA "CASTELNUOVO "

The showcase represents one more exposition kind as a counter and the exhibition corner.
The product as an entertainment
Piadineria = code name LA PIADEINA ”RICCIONE”

It is the traditional place, founded in Romagna (world famous tourist attractions as sea resorts like Rimini, Riccione Milano Marittima ect.)

Here the piadina (the blend of wheat, water, melted lard and salt) is historically use as a bread. It has one peculiar feature – the thin and round shape and is prepared in the owen or iron pot with the plain heating.

Piadina is widely used at the Adriatic coast. It is served together with ham, cheese and salat, as well as with chocolate cream "Nutella". In the Romagna region there is a great number of small and big inns (starting with small open-air cafes, ending with old taverns, where piadina is the main course with local wines as «San Giovese» or «Lambrusco».
Ice-cream cafe = W IL GELATO code name Al ZLE "MILANO"

In Kiev there was founded the whole workshop to produce the ice cream made up from italian ingredients. Our staff periodically goes through the training in Italy.

Our concept is to open trade outlets for selling ice cream, right up to the small mobile stalls. We are sure that such opportunity exists due to the high quality of our production. Such outlets can be opened everywhere where the client can be served: in front of the stadiums, in the downtown, next to exhibition centers, ect…. "Italia a tavola" offers you also the traditional ice-cream cafes – particularly the whole setting and ready-made products, and also the possibility to open a separate workshop for the ice-cream production.

The price includes the training of the personnel at the italian enterprise that will provide you with the products (ingredients for the ice-cream production).

Italian bar = IL CAFFE’ code-name AL CAFTIREIN "VENEZIA"

Certainly! Coffee means a great deal for Italians, perhaps it is their greatest habit in life!

We can help you to arrange the coziest place, create the special design, provide with furniture and equipment and first of all with the best food products (refer Products /Coffee) and teach you to make the real coffee.
Wine bar LA BEVUTA code name LA BVUDA "TREVISO"

It has already been for a long time while wine places enjoy the wide demand, where wine plays the key role, being the good reason to meet!
We would like once again to emphasize that our philosophy will reward you for the choice you have made because besides an exclusive bar you will get organizational support and have a permanent possibility to buy our production directly.

For instance the close collaboration with famous italian wineries, courses and magazines.

Spiedineria – a fish lunchroom = IL GROTTINO code name AL GRUTEIN "RIMINI"

To feel the atmosphere of this place imagine yourself the sea, the abundance of its bright and light colors, feasts at the seashore, modest ethnic rattan furniture, fish as a main course accompanied by wine. Such place can be open-aired as well as indoors. Anyway we are sure of success!

Tables and chairs made of rattan, the sand in the square construction where the coal smolders to make spiedineria. The fish salads will be served, carpacci with the proper garnish and "vinello" (the light wine), that is an integral part of italian meal in the evening on the beach, as well as throughout the day.

The proper music is also an inalienable part of the comfortable atmosphere.

LDynamic restaurant as an entertaining center = PANE VINO E GIOCHI code name FAMIA ALA SVELTA "PERUGIA"

We specialize in serving of the entertaining centers.

In the course of many years we cooperate with the company «Public Entertainment center & Family Entertainment center».

These are typical large places that recently appear more and more often on the map of Kiev, gathering bowling, video games, playgrounds, billiards, laser illumination ect under one roof. And certainly without fail there is a bar, restaurant or pizzeria.

"Italia a tavola" provides the support of the whole image of such place, corresponds with its structure or creates new architectural decisions, design, disposition and organization, technical parts of the project (kitchen, equipment, ect.)

The quality and tradition of the product.


The quality and tradition of the product
The luxurious italian osteria "Bread, wine and proscuitto" = code name LA MAGNEDA "COGNENTO"

This is the innovated variant of traditional italian restaurant. The fashion is constantly evolving and nowadays entrepreneurs often direct their efforts toward the middle-age clients that primary demand quality but at the same time less formal surrounding with the propensity to luxury.

"Bread, wine and proscuitto" interprets these demands, relishing even the most pretentious tastes, allowing to structure the lunch or dinner. You may rest in the company of your friends or with a girl, but if you need to win someone's affection, this is also just the proper place for that, while the interior of this place has a rich history and is full of beautiful antique things and the menu at the same time will be less formal than the one in the restaurant. Staring with the luxurious interior solutions, finishing with the things that represent the history of Italy, for instance: photos- movie shots, celebrities, and works of famous artists. The menu will consist of gastronomical dishes that went down in history of Italy and are world famous, prepared with zeal and experience that our cooks will eagerly impart to you.

Lui = nome in codice AL VER "ROMA"

For everyone who wish to open a real high-class restaurant with a splendid interior that include paying a special attention to all details beginning with architectural decisions, fabrics, table-cloth, dishes and stemware from the best cut glass and also an excellent wine-cellar with 400 kinds of wine, and finishing with a proper organization and circumspect menu that fully corresponds our traditions. Turn to us and we will help you to create and organize the top-class restaurant.
Together with "Arredofrigo" our partner in realization of the projects.
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