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Endorse the compliance of your establishment with «Made in Italy»

The mark «Made in Italy» is considered to be a synonym for quality of goods, processes and projects.

As it has already been mentioned in the chapter "SCHOOL", among all well-known italian wines and seasonings very few can boast of having a CERTIFICATION of what they sell and offer the clients.

For the further promotion of the originality and tradition of the foodstuff, as well as your place and your project, ITALIA A TAVOLA enables you to get a certification.

  • GENERAL AGREEMENT = by means of what we (our personnel) come forward helping you to become a member of the Club "ITALIA A TAVOLA" by obtaining our certificate

  • PRODUCTS CERTIFICATION = represents and provides the certificate of conformance, originality and traditions of the foodstuff used in your establishment

  • TOTAL CERTIFICATION = such attestation testifies to inclusion of respective products, cuisine, processing technique and traditional recipes in the process of production.

  • DURATION = to obtain our certification you should first establish a direct contact with us and you will be informed how long it will take you to get it. The maximum term, depending on particular case, doesn't exceed 30 days.
    PERIOD OF VALIDITY = our certificate is valid within one year and can be prolonged in case of our further cooperation.

Later on the direct meeting should be appointed in order to create the proper supporting conditions of your establishment or cuisine by the Club "ITALIA A TAVOLA".

If your establishment will become a member of the Club "ITALIA A TAVOLA" (food & wine in the world) it will be in every way supported by advertisement and promotion in all your initiatives.

If you became interested in our CERTIFICATION contact us and we will provide you with all informationi.


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