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Lambrusco Wine

Lambrusco has been a prominent part of the vineyards that have embellished Modena’s landscapes over the ages. The wine obtained from these vineyards is lavish and generous, not unlike the people who live in this region.

This wine is unique from other wines because of a natural peculiarity – spring refermentation. “Vitis lambrusca” (the wild wine) has been known since the Roman times, but only after the XIX century has it been categorized into three similar, though distinctly different types of wine.

In the province of Modena the three varieties are identified as Lambrusco di Sorbara, Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelverto and Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce.



All of these are contemporary wines with well-defined organoleptic characteristics: brisk and diffusing froth; saturated and sustained flavour; rich taste; and accents of appreciable acidity that is balanced in semi-dry and sweet variants with a more or less defined amount of sugar.

These wines are very flattering to the taste and are a great accompaniment to many dishes in traditional and international cuisines. Lambrusco is served chilled, being successful in Italy and many other countries of the world by complimenting a variety of occasions and situations.

Since 1970, Lambrusco di Sorbara, Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelverto and Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce have all fallen under the designation of “the name protected by origin”.

The history and characteristics
Lambrusco is a wine with special genuine characteristics, authentic by its origin, extraordinary and unique among all other wines - if you please: red wine… sparkling! The mixture of its peculiarities is likely the result of the unique combination of the lands, climate and spirit of inhabitants of Emilia: a strange mix of cordiality and generosity, frankness and sincerity.

This product is admired in all Emilia, especially in Modena. The locals enjoy the consumption of the product, but also look at it with a kind of cordial attitude. This is primarily in Modena because, according to different historical sources, Modena is the cradle and real motherland of Lambrusco. But there is also one more reason why our town is so proud and also a little bit jealous of our Lambrusco:
Lambrusco is the general name for a group of wines that are similar, but not necessarily considered equal. Specifically in Modena there had developed certain qualities of the wine that since days of old have been considered to be the most precious and noble. It is due to these qualities and their historic origins that Modena Lambrusco can be called the “forefather” of the three protected types of Lambrusco DOC with full authority.

It didn’t take long for Lambrusco, being so cheery and merry, pleasant but non-commital, versalite and suitiable for various situations, to acquire a lot of friends - even beyond the bounds of its motherland Emila. In a short space of time, since the beginning of the 1970’s, Lambrusco has become the most famous and widely used wine in the world. This pleasing wine can conquer and bring delight to all with its bright froth.
Lambrusco and cuisine

Lambrusco DOC goes well with all courses of Italian cuisine, which is world famous for its rich and tasty dishes that remind one of lost sensations, being at the same time natural and home-made.

Lambrusco DOC plays a large part in this because it enriches the taste and gives the best fit to various dishes from appetizers to sweet courses that are by-right a significant part of this most famous cuisine.

Looking through the menu one can start with appetizers: sausages, smoked products and various cuttings, including famous ham and mortadella, and also parmigano regano that is considered to be the “king” of the cheese.


Then comes the main courses which include fabulous tortellini in beef tea, along with other assorted dishes from filled macaroni to macaroni “al pettine” (macaroni made from dough with eggs that is rolled and prepared by hand with the help of a special tool, called the comb or pettine).

Next is the second course that is presented with all kinds of boiled meat, beginning with dzampogne and cotekino, which are served with stewed lentil or kidney beans or sour-sweet onion garnish. And finally the desserts: from the simple and home-style “Bensone” to the most exquisite and famous “Amaretti” of Modena – the tender pastry cake made with sweet and bitter almond, a real masterpiece of confectionary art.

And among such great variety of delicious dishes there is one element that adorns them, which goes to accomplish their perfect taste: Lambrusco DOC. In all its diversity this wine follows, traces and ennobles the tiniest changes in the taste and composition of each dish. Thus Lambrusco Sorbara, with its distinguished aromatic notes, heightened acidity, lightness and sprightliness ideally fits with all dishes from filled macaroni to dzampogne.

Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castalverto posesses more prolific and rich taste and perfectly complements the first course dishes such as macaroni “al pettine” with a lentil or rabbit stew, talliatti with mushrooms and various kinds of roasts. Due to its special aroma, vinous taste and perfect structure, Lambrusco Salamina di Santa Croche is an ideal addition to appetizers such as smoked food and parmighano cheese, tortellini in beef tea, lasagna and the majority of Emilia’s second course dishes.

Although it would be quite deceitful and short-sighted to correlate Lambrusco DOC with just the cuisines of Modena or Emilia, it would mean nothing more than to ascertain the obvious - that Lambrusco DOC with its pure and energetic character, vivacity and lightness is the best fit at all the times when you want to drink something light. This wine can play any part, going perfectly well both with traditional cuisine and with dishes of the latest trends.

One might say that this “nectar” was blessed with a kiss of fortune: it posesses all good qualities of wine with the absence of any unfavourable ones. Fresh, flavoured and energizing with the appropriate proportion of tannin, pefectly assimilable as it contains a temperate amount of alcohol, pleasant and never commital – this wine has an easy and pleasant effect. It has the best taste while being young and doesn’t need any special preparation to be appreciated at its true value. We advise you to taste this designing wine with the most unexpected gastronomical combinations.

No doubt that the most provocative combination, but at the same time the most promising, is the one with the most well-known national dish – the pizza. The most famous Italian wine may venture to combine with the most famous Italian dish! And the result of such felitious union of the North and the South is indeed worthy of special attention. It is true that there is no better accompaniment for the pizza, with its wide variety of ingredients (as in case with “four season” pizza or the distinct white pizza with turkey and rucola) than Lambrusco DOC - red, frothy and able to ennoble the taste of any components.
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